What Makes a Great Home Theater System?

Who needs to go to the movies when you can have your very own cinema at home? Nowadays, it is perfectly possible to create your own theater system, depending on your personal preferences. Here’s how you make this dream possible:

Buy or Build?

You are often given two options: to buy the home theater system by parts or purchase them as a set. If you are going to buy a set, then that is obviously more convenient because everything you need is in that one box. For those who want to “build” their home theater however, you are going to have to purchase every single item separately. The question is: how do you make that choice?

Essentially Elements of a Great Home Theater System


When it comes to TV, the rules are simple: choose the biggest TV you can have with the highest possible resolution which your budget will allow. Note though that there is such a thing as ‘too big’. Contemplate your room – ideally, a 32-inch television should be viewed at least 4 inches from the screen. Hence, evaluate your room – if you can afford more than 4 inches of space between you and the TV, then you can opt for a bigger screen. Don’t forget that hiding tv cables are important to keep your theatre room clean and tidy.


The kind of television you have will predict the kind of player you have – or vice versa, depending on which you get first. Essentially, if you get a high-definition television then you will definitely need a high-definition player that will let you make the most out of that TV. Today, you can get 3D players for your 3D television. The specifications to watch out for would be a 1080p Blu-Ray video player; this is so far the best in the market without making you lose several months worth of salary. Remember: your player and television MUST complement each other, otherwise there is no point.

The Sound System

The second most important element – you would need a sound system that really lets you feel like you are in the movie with the music reverberating all around you. There are several parts of a great sound system: you’ve got the actual speakers, subwoofers, and a home theater receiver. The average number of speakers would be around 6 and a receiver that works as your audio central. For best results, opt for a receiver than can accommodate several functions at once.

Set Up

Yes, the set up is VERY important. Ideally, the television should NOT make you look up. While watching, it should be placed somewhere wherein you can look straight ahead. The center speaker is placed in the center, above or below the television. The side stands must be at least 6 feet away from both sides of the television. The surround speakers should be placed on top, roughly 3 feet away from the head of the listener. As for the subwoofer, you can experiment on where the best sound impact comes from.

Of course, don’t forget the rest of the room, specifically:

• Couch comfort levels
• Number of people who can watch
• The glare of the light
• Remote control landing area
• Coffee table, and all the other factors that will give you the perfect viewing experience.

Once you get the Home Theater you want, however, everything else should be easier.